Want a NHScouter.com email?

 If you are interested in a @NHScouter.com email address, please send your request to 

admin @ NHScouter.com, Please indicate your name and your affiliation with New Hampshire Scouting, and your preferred email account. 

These accounts are totally secure and private, and can be set up to forward to another existing email account.   You can either use these accounts as your primary email account, and forward the email to another account, or collect and review your email online, or download to your computer using POP3 download technology.

Please indicate how you want your account named:

For example, Timmy Tenderfoot could request

  • TTenderfoot@NHScouter.com
  • Tenderfoot@NHScouter.com, or
  • Timmy.Tenderfoot@NHScouter.com 

Once your account is set up, you will be notified by email.

Access to your email is available from the footer on every page at nhscouter.com, or at http://mail.nhscouter.com